"We Care for Clean Air"



Air quality monitoring in mining area, indoor air quality in transportation, air quality modeling, health risk assessment of air pollution, haze issue, climate change.


R-software workshop series – Manila, University Malaya , University Malaysia Terengganu, Polytechnic Malaysia and several more.


Nanoparticle air monitoring (annually)

Public Talk

Talk through media, television and newspaper

Clean Air Forum Society of Malaysia or MyCAS. The participation and commitment of Malaysia experts and ministry of Environment, Malaysia with the Clean Air Asia (Agency Registered as NGO with the United Nation) was started since 2003 with the participation of Dr Noor Zaitun Yahaya and a few others with the initiatives and BAQ 2003. It was then best way to start a conclusion followed by several activities conducted in Malaysia that gather and promote the clean air such as The Urban Air Quality Management in 2005, the Clean Air Seminar and forum, Nano Particles Seminar (once a year), Training (R Training) and many more by Malaysian experts which we can name Prof Dr Nor Azam Ramli, Madam Nor Aziah Jaafar, Professor Dr Mazrura, Prof Talib. The Clean Air Forum Society of Malaysia protem committee was formally form during in Sri Lanka Better Air Quality 2014. The round table discussion focus to establish a formal and legal air quality society in Malaysia and was chaired by the Clean Air Asia country representative Dr Noor Zaitun Yahaya from the University Malaysia Terengganu. The round table meeting was attended by several representatives essay writer uk from Malaysia agencies such as Department of Environment, Malaysia (representing Minister), Industries, academia, students and the Clean Air Asia representatives. This society already registered with the Clean Air Asia and approved by them as them to representing Malaysia. In the latest development, The Clean Air Forum Society of Malaysia finally was successful registered with the registration office in Malaysia professional society in 2016 with the registration number as PPM-023-11-01062016